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Non-Dimmable Indoor LED Spotlight 5 watt AC / DC 12V With 30D 45D

Non-Dimmable Indoor LED Spotlight 5 watt AC / DC 12V With 30D 45D

  • Non-Dimmable Indoor LED Spotlight 5 watt AC / DC 12V With 30D 45D
Non-Dimmable Indoor LED Spotlight 5 watt AC / DC 12V With 30D 45D
جزئیات محصول:
Place of Origin: P.R.China
نام تجاری: GEL
گواهی: CE RoHS
Model Number: GEL-SP-5W-MR16-LENS
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Packaging Details: 1pcs/Inner box;
Delivery Time: 7-20 days after payment received
Payment Terms: TT , Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 300,000pcs per month
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Power: 5W Socket: MR16 GU5.3
voltage: AC/DC 12V LED Type: COB LED Chip
Size: D50*53mm Lumen Flux: 300lm-340lm

led spotlight bulb, led ceiling spotlights


led ceiling spotlights

Non-Dimmable Indoor LED Spotlight 5 watt AC / DC 12V With 30D 45D​



Brief Description:

  1. Socket: MR16 GU5/3
  2. Material: AL+PMMA
  3. Power: 5W
  4. Voltage: AC/DC 12V
  5. Size: D50*53mm
  6. CRI:>80
  7. Lumen: 300lm-340lm
  8. Beam Angle: 30D 45D
  9. Life span:50,000hours
  10. Dimmer: Non-Dimmable
  11. Certificate: CE RoHS


We supply indoor LED Spotlight. Indoor LED spotlight can be GU5.3, GU10, E26 and E27. PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 model are also available. Benefits are as follow.
1. Over 80% energy saving than incandescent or halogen bulbs
2. Lifespan is over 50,000 hours.
3. No flickering. Good for human eyes.
4. No RF interference or UV radiation.
5. Special design for excellent thermal management
6. Top quality CREE and Philips LED available.



Technical Specifications:




Shade Dimension:


Rated Power:





GU5.3/ MR16

Input Voltage & Frequency:


Power Factor:


Luminous Flux:


Beam Angle:

30D 45D

Color Rendering Index:


Color Temperature:

2700K-3200K 6000K-6800K

Working Temperature:

-20℃ - 45 ℃

Luminous Efficiency:




Features of Product:


Comparing with traditional fluorescent Spotlight, our 4.5W-7W LED Spot Light GU5.3-MR16 can save electricity and long durability. LED spot lights are popular replacements halogens bulbs both in residential and commercial use. The reason for their popularity is that the original, halogen MR16 spot lights were commonly used in households, and LED lamps can instantly replace most of them. Also, LED lights have much better qualities and numerous advantages, compared to their halogen version.





1pcs/inner box 360pcs/carton



Applications of Product:


Meeting rooms, restaurants, office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, Museum, exhibition hall,airports, subway, station, garage, hotel, home, hospital, library and teaching buildings and other indoor lighting

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